This is How the Rest of the World Feels About Obama vs. Putin

Well this was enlightening. Not only is the rest of the world more impressed with Putin then they are with Obama, they seem to actually admire him as much as his 86% approval rating at home does.

According to Daily Pakistan– No one would call Vladimir Putin a good guy, but he is also not a weak one. For a long time, the American people have greatly underestimated the Russians, especially their leader Putin.

But now, united behind a very strong leader with an 89.9 percent approval rating, Russia is stunning the world with the efficiency of its strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Of course, Vladimir Putin is far from perfect, and there are real questions about what Russia’s true motives in Syria and elsewhere are. Still, this is a leader and a country that have shown that they can get things done.

In the United States, on the other hand, the Americans are being led by a ‘weak and ineffective’ man in the White House who has a 45.3 percent approval rating. Under Barrack Obama, the federal government seems to be inept at just about everything, and this is especially true when it comes to foreign policy.

Via Allen B West:

For the first time in modern history, America is not leading the charge for freedom in the world. Instead, this administration is still trying to coexist. Putin seems to be the only one willing to do what needs to be done in the Middle East to contain ISIS.

In his speech recently at the United Nations, Putin skewered Obama, particularly on the subject of U.S. missteps in Iraq and Libya, which he said fostered a power vacuum filled with “extremists and terrorists.”

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“Do you realize now what you’ve done?” Putin asked. Ouch. But the greater fear is maybe Obama knew it all along.


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