Should Welfare Recipients No Longer Be Allowed to get Free Chips and Ice Cream?

The SNAP program is suppose to help those in a desperate situation get a leg up, it isn’t there so lazy democrats can receive free benefits to be spent on unhealthy foods. Which then causes them to use their medicaid to take care of their type 2 diabetes problem.

Via The Daily Caller:

Food stamps have become a major facet of the American system. And as the number of welfare recipients increases, so does the number of items that can be purchased with a food stamp Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.

According to Washington, D.C.’s Department of Human Service, SNAP’s mission is to help “low-income residents and families buy the food they need for good health.” You can apply for benefits by completing a State application form. Benefits are provided on an electronic card that is used like an ATM card and accepted at most grocery stores.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website, SNAP benefits (which are transferred to the EBT card) can only be used to buy healthy foods such as bread, cereal, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. The USDA also says that items such as hot food, pet food, soap, household supplies, beer, cigarettes and wine are strictly forbidden. But the SNAP program doesn’t have any way to actually enforce the rules.

According to The Wall Street Journal– In a rare tuneup to the $74 billion food-stamp program, U.S. regulators deemed potato chips and ice cream too unhealthy to count as staple foods.

The new rules bar stores from accepting food stamps if they draw more than half their sales from prepared meals or foods that are heated up on the spot, such as microwavable pizzas. Draft proposals earlier this year had called for a much lower threshold, 15% of food sales from such items.

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The new rules released on Thursday removed additional fatty and sugary items like potato chips and ice cream from a list of foods that were previously considered staples because their main ingredients are potatoes and milk, respectively. But that fell short of some health advocates’ expectations. Grape juice and canned mushroom soup could still count toward the minimum staples stores must stock to accept food stamps, for instance, because of the fruit and vegetables they contain.

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