Most unAmerican NFL Player Colin Kaepernick put on Blast by Former Admiral

This former Admiral said exactly what all true Americans have been thinking all season long. Not only did you ruin football for millions of fans and lowered the NFL’s viewing ratings, you also smacked every fallen solider right in the face with ignorant defiance of our national anthem.

According to Fox News– A U.S. Navy admiral received a standing ovation for calling out Colin Kaepernick at an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

During the ceremony, U.S. Pacific Command Commander Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. took a swipe at the San Francisco 49ers quarterback for refusing to stand during the national anthem.

“You can bet that the men and women that we honor today – and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago – never took a knee and never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem being played,” Harris said.

Once again the statement stands that if you don’t like this country you are welcome to get out!

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