Satanic Temple Refuses to Bury Fetal Remains after New Law is Passed in Texas

Let me get this straight, The Satanic Temple can get upset about having to bury children but Christians shouldn’t be upset about not getting to promote Santa or Jesus during the Christmas holiday? Why is it that religious freedom these days refers to all religions but Christianity?

Dead State– Starting in December, Texas will begin requiring that fetal remains be buried or cremated.

While pro-choice activists see this as a sinister and calculated way of adding to the psychological turmoil of an already-difficult process, The Satanic Temple sees it as a violation of their religious freedom.

Since it wasn’t legislated, the new rule isn’t technically a “law,” but it stipulates that if a miscarriage or abortion takes place at a hospital or healthcare provider, they must bury or cremate the remains. Miscarriages that occur at home do not apply to the rules, due to obvious privacy concerns.

Via RT:

Abortion rights activists may have found an unlikely ally in the Satanic Temple, which has vowed to oppose a new Texas state rule requiring fetal tissue be given a burial or cremation.

The group has threatened legal action against the state “to protect the rights of our members.”

The Satanic Temple, which uses Satan as a symbol to promote secularism, has now denounced the rule for enforcing a “well-established component of religious practice.”

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