MTV News Releases Completely Racist Video Saying White Guys Need to Change as a New Year’s Resolution

Once again singling out only white guys is racist. Not to mention slamming blue lives matter and the President while your at it makes this video completely absurd.

Via Breitbart:

Just in time for the holiday season, MTV News has issued a series of New Year’s resolutions exclusively for white males — because, the network says, white guys could “do a little better in 2017.”

A video posted to MTV News’ Twitter account Monday afternoon features a group of millennials lecturing so-called “white guys” as to how they can improve themselves in the New Year.

Suggestions include recognizing that America was never “great” for minorities, and to stop bragging about being “woke.”

According to Mediaite– This is not the first time that a video or series from MTV has generated anger among people who believe that the network must hate white people. Two months ago, that complaint was addressed in a video for MTV’s Decoded. Host Franchesca Ramsey explained at the time that the series was not at all about a hatred of white people, but was rather about having conversations that address implicit bias.

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