Man Found Beheaded and Castrated Behind Walmart in New Mexico

As usual something bad that happened in America happened in a state right over the border because of drugs and the Mexican cartel. The fact that the body was discovered at a Walmart just adds to the comedic irony.

According to Breitbart– Authorities continue to look into the beheading and castration of an Oklahoma man whose body was discovered behind a Walmart in New Mexico.

Since the murder, authorities have been able to identify the victim as 42-year-old Clifford Miller by running his fingerprints through law enforcement databases.

Miller has a history of drug charges including a 1995 incident for cultivating marijuana, Albuquerque’s Channel 14 News reported. According to the local station, local police stated that they have not been able to confirm a motive but are looking at the possibility that the murder could be tied to Mexican drug cartels.


Police spokesman Fred Duran says the body was discovered on Saturday. He said Miller had gone to New Mexico within the past few months with plans to find work in Albuquerque.

Miller was found nude and had been castrated. Police are still investigating and are looking for any information about the killing.

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