Liberal Celebrity Stands Up for Trump and Our Democracy

Shaquille O’Neal reminds democrats how democracy is suppose to go. You lost, accept your loss, support the president for at least the next four years… that’s how the American democracy works. Now you know, you’re welcome. 

American News– With the nation in chaos after Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, celebrities have been speaking out against the President-elect—adding fuel to a dangerous fire.

But among the liberal stars, there have been a few who have defended the integrity of our democracy—reminding their peers that this is how our system works. Trump won the presidency fair and square.

Basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal shocked his fans recently when he urged America to stop calling for recounts and give the President-elect the chance he deserves.

According to The Hill- Shaq said, “We have a process that’s been going on forever. And whoever wins, you just hope he does what he says he’s going to do. You know, candidate Trump promised a lot of people a lot of things.”

“Now that he’s president-elect, you just hope that he can make the world a better place. He won fair and square. We have to give him a chance,” O’Neal told ITK, “There’s no need talking about recounts and this and that.

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