EMS Crew Finds Human HEART in a Bag

Can you imagine finding a heart in a bag while walking in the park? Even if wasn’t human that would be creepy, but this one was!

According to My San Antonio– An EMS crew in Ohio was killing time near a convenience store last month when they found a human heart in a plastic bag. I repeat. They found a human heart in a plastic bag.

Police are still analyzing what looks like a human heart, but officials are pretty convinced the organ came from a homosapien.

On Aug. 25, an EMS crew was outside of a Friendship Food Store in Norwalk, Ohio when they came across the peculiar find. At first, one of the crew members initially threw the artifact away until a dispatcher told them to retrieve from the dumpster since it may be human. Police arrived at the scene where Sgt. Jim Fulton said the heart had just started to decompose.

Via Fox 8:

“It was August 25th about 7 pm. We got a call that some EMS personnel had found what they believed to be a human heart,” said Captain Eric Hipp.

Hipp says EMS crews routinely sit at the Friendship Store on Milan Avenue between calls.

The field was empty when they arrived and upon returning an hour later, there it was.

“A bag that had a heart in it, fairly fresh, and they believed it to be human,” said Hipp.

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