Democrats Blame Pentagon for Economy saying they Wasted 125 Billion

If they can’t win on one front they will try for another. After losing the presidential recount Democrats are now trying to remove government funding for the military by bringing up some bogus 2015 study done by the DBB. Just accept that with a Republican in office military funding if on the top of the list when it comes to government budgets.

Senior defense officials suppressed a study documenting $125 billion worth of administrative waste at the Pentagon out of fears that Congress would use its findings to cut the defense budget, the Washington Post reported late Monday.

Among its other findings, the report showed that the Defense Department was paying just over 1 million contractors, civilian employees and uniformed personnel to fill back-office jobs. That number nearly matches the amount of active duty troops — 1.3 million, the lowest since 1940.

The Post reported that some Pentagon leaders feared the study’s findings would undermine their claims that years of budget sequestration had left the military short of money. In response, they imposed security restrictions on information used in the study and even pulled a summary report from a Pentagon website.

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who originally ordered the study, told the paper that the plan laid out in the report was “unrealistic.”

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook echoed Work’s claim in a statement to Fox News, which said that the DBB report “had limited value” because it “lacked specific, actionable recommendations appropriate to the department.”

Work claimed that some of the report’s recommendations were being implemented on a smaller scale and would save an estimated $30 billion by 2020.

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