Crazy Chick Tattoos the Whites of Her EYEBALL

This is insane, tattooing your eyeball? Who cares if it looks good if your too blind to see it?

According to Viral Nova– Sara Knight, better known as sara_tattoo on Instagram, is a tattoo artist, former beautician, and body modification enthusiast. Despite warnings of permanent blindness and other negative side effects, she decided to tattoo her eyes.

The procedure is done by injecting tattoo ink into the eye, then letting it “bleed” or spread throughout the white of the eyeball. Unlike other tattoos, which can often be covered up or even removed, eyeball inking is completely irreversible.

Although Sara claims that the procedure was no more than a “minor discomfort,” she admits that she doesn’t know what the long-term side effects are.

She told The Sun, “The long-term effects of eyeball tattoos aren’t very well known. I’ve got not idea how my body will react 10 or 20 years down the line, but the way I see things, it’s the 21st century and people should be able to do what they like to their own bodies.”

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