CREEPY: Con Man Posing as Dentist Pulls 10 Teeth WITHOUT Anesthesia

Wow this is really creepy. We all know how bad it is to go to the dentist in the first place, but to have a fake dentist with no anesthesia sounds horrific.

Via Viral Nova– Between the pointy tools and needles, orthodontic treatments can be downright painful. That was certainly the case for the victims of Robert Rheinlander, who recently claimed to be a certified dentist while operating out of his home. He was a dental technician in 2004, but he was disciplined by the South Carolina Board of Dentistry and his license lapsed in 2006.

Rheinlander performed procedures in his living room like creating dentures and pulling teeth, which he sometimes did without any anesthesia. One woman had one tooth that was partially left in her jaw.

According to Bradenton Herald– On Sept. 29, the sheriff’s office first learned of the allegations that Rheinlander was practicing dentistry without a license when a couple came in asking to speak to a detective, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

The husband and wife told the detective they were introduced to Rheinlander by a mutual friend and that in later social interactions Rheinlander told them he was a dentist and had a dental practice in South Carolina before moving to Florida. The couple said they paid Rheinlander cash and that he had offered to do the work from home to keep costs low.

But when Rheinlander extracted a tooth from the wife, leaving a tooth fragment behind and causing her medical complications, they began their own research and soon discovered that he was not a dentist.

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The couple also told detectives about another potential patient they had introduced to Rheinlander before knowing he wasn’t a dentist. When detectives met with that patient, the man said Rheinlander had pulled about 10 teeth without anesthetic for him and made him dentures.

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