Do you Think Bill Gates Billion Dollar Climate Change Investment is a Huge Waste of Money?

The country is in debt and Americans go hungry every night. What does the richest man in the country do? Blow 1 billion dollars for climate change investment. Gates may give both campaign party’s money but his actions scream Democrat.

According to Huffington Post– Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates is heading a $1 billion venture fund that will invest in clean energy technology to combat climate change.

Some of the world’s wealthiest business leaders are joining forces with Gates on the Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, including Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma.

The combined net worth of the fund’s directors is roughly $170 billion, according to Quartz.

The fund will focus its investments on projects relating to a number of clean energy issues such as carbon emission reduction and energy generation and storage.

Gates is a longtime proponent of climate change action, announcing last year that he would personally commit $1 billion to clean energy research.

“In addition to mitigating climate change, affordable clean energy will help fight poverty,” Gates wrote in the 2015 announcement. “If we create the right environment for innovation, we can accelerate the pace of progress, develop and deploy new solutions, and eventually provide everyone with reliable, affordable energy that is carbon free.”

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