3 Month Old Baby Girl Eaten Alive By Rats While Mom was Out Drinking

This is horrific! Imagine death by rat? And for a 3 month old who can’t even defend herself!

According to Viral Nova– A 26-year-old South African mother of three-month-old twins is facing charges of child neglect after she left her daughter home alone during a night of binge-drinking.

While the woman was out, her newborn baby girl was eaten alive by rats. Her twin brother was not harmed, as he was with his mother during her night out. The daughter was found covered in bite marks, with her eyes, fingers, and tongue all missing.

Both twins were released from the hospital a week prior to the incident for an unknown reason.

Neighbors reported that the woman had a history of leaving the twins alone together, but this was allegedly first time she left only one twin home alone. According to the woman’s landlady, the neighborhood is known for having a large amount of rats.

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